In the Polifilo Garden three squares are located: one at the main entrance, another at the intersection of the park’s minor axes, called the Cube Square, and a third one at the crossing of two other promenades, forming a large pond in the center where an island can be found, the island of Cythera.

The side entrances enhance a direct interaction between the garden and the existing homes around it.

The pond has aneminently ornamental function and consists of a large water surface opened to the sky and dotted with orange trees in planters submerged in the liquid itself. In the center of the pond becomes the island is placed becoming a pleasant resting place, covered by a pergola of roses and clematis which is reached through two gateways.

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Upon this orthogonal sketch made of paths, a smoother one, which brings the park whatever the scale of the first one does notitemizes, is incorporated. More private and intimate spaces, full of curvilinear paths leading to the surprise, establish a direct man-nature relationship.

Gentle slopes open varied perspectives. They are covered with creepers, shrubs and trees in cluster mass, also in alignment and even isolated specimens seeking to cast your eyes to them. Viewpoints are framed with undulating lines of hedges which act as visual screens to highlight the line of vision which opens from the road. The detailed space design is add to the selection, distribution and balance of the species, carefully made.

Actually, it includes an area which has been kept as a historical reminder of the existing orange orchard before its urbanization, and has been called the Keeper of the Gardens. Located in a depression of the park, the orange trees are maintained with the simplicity of the original grid

Another park’s highlight is the Artificial Mountain, an ideal place from which to view the entire park and especially the island of Kythira with its water. The first tree planted in the garden (a holm oak), on 26 November 1998, is located here. Other spaces are organized around them: the square of cypress trees, the Senses Square, named this way because of  its fountain’s design located at the first intersection of the cross roads.

The garden is inspired by the book of Francesco de Coloma “Polifilo Dream”. It has been conceived as a romantic and evocative garden, hence the suggestive names of each of the areas; The Destiny Doors Square, the Keeper of the Gardens, The Island of Cythera, The Pondof Orange trees, Cypress Square, The Artificial Mountain … united by undulating roads forming a space created for rest and relaxation. The garden also features a playground.

It also presents a huge variety of trees, such as laurel, orange, cypress, hackberry trees, plane trees, rosewoods, and etcetera.

  • Spring-Summer (21st of March to September 20):09:00-21:00
  • Fall-Winter (September 21 to March 20): 9:00 A 19:00
  • Camp de Túria, s/n. 46015 Valencia
  • Free



The Polifilo Garden is the main green space in a residential area located in the northwest of the city of Valencia. The park’s design is inspired by the Francesco de Colonna book, Polifilo Dream (1467). It consists of articulated walks which start from the main entrance or The Door of the Destiny.

The main path sequences the park open spaces inviting to social encounter. Three squares are located in the garden: one at the main entrance, another one at the intersection of the minor axes of the park, called The Cube Square, and a third one at the crossroads of two walks, forming a large pond in the center where there’s an island, the island of Cythera.

The side entrances enhance direct interaction between the garden and the existing homes around it.