It has four main areas: the Lookout Hill, the Ribera Woods, the Bioparc and the Amusement Park (currently in draft). The lake, vegetation, topography and the walks are the articulators and unifying elements of the park.

The topography, with different heights, manages to create intimate spaces with expansive views. It recreates the alluvial origin of the river bed assisting the formation of sedimentation isletsdue to the water passage, typical of our country. The arrangement of these islets and vegetation enriches the visual sequence of the pedestrian and bicycle paths.

From the western end of the Turia Gardens, leave the park’s two main routes:MolíDel Sol Promenade and the RiberaPathway, located on either side of the lake.

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The Lookout Hill is a visual landmark where you can stop and contemplate thenature, the city and the Header Park itself. It has a 15 meters height difference above the street and acts as kneecap between the Turia Gardens and the Header Park. From its lookout you can enjoy panoramic views of the Header Park itself and the Natural Park of Sierra Calderona. It is the open-air auditorium’s base with the lake as a background.

The Ribera Woods makes a link between the terrestrial environment and the aquatic one: the artificial lake. In the water areas, we find deciduous trees such as ash (Fraxinusangustifolia), poplar (Populusnigra, Populusalba), shrubs, grasses, and semi-aquatic plants. At the higher terraces, once the water has disappeared, pines (Pinuspinea, Pinushalepensis) and bushes such as mastic (Pistacialentiscus) show a Mediterranean landscape. In the promenades bordering the city and in some emblematic spots we find alignments of gardening trees such as jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) tipuana (Tipuanatipu) and parkinsonia (Parkinsoniaaculeata).

Bioparc Valencia has a welcoming and reception space on an area easily accessible from the city and other one integrated in the Header Park which recreates different biomes and habitats such as the Savannah, the Madagascarand Equatorial Africa forests, recreating bioclimatic zones with original vegetation of each area with African acacias and native compatible vegetation, such as carob and artificial reproductions of large rocks, caves or baobabs. A pedestrian 145 meters long walkway, arranged on the old bed, connects the entrance area with this piece of Africa in Valencia.

The park has an outdoor auditorium, a pier, a bar, two playgrounds for children and the Molí Del Sol, the future Túria museum, Valencia History Museum’s prolongation reflecting the symbiosis between the river and the city.

Recommendations for use

  • Do not forsake the trash, throw it in the trash
  • If you go by bike, remember that the pedestrian always has priority
  • If you walk your dog, keep it controlled and uses the pipi-can
  • It is not allowed to bathe
  • Respect closed areas, fountains and waterways.

Park Tours

  • 1.375 m. Approximate time: 20 minutes
  • 1.758 m. Approximate time: 30 minutes
  • 782 m. Approximate time: 15 minutes
  • AREA
  • Sector 1: Mountain / lookout 22.000 m2
  • Sector 2: Ribera Woods 127.000 m2, lake 25.000 m2
  • Sector 3: Bioparc: 107.000 m2
  • Sector 4 (in draft): Amusement Park  53.000 m2
  • EMT Bus lines 95, 17 & 7
  • Free


The Header Park responds to the expressed will of recovering the historical landscape of the river and its bed. Located in the historic bed of Túria, the park extends the old bed’s great green belt, the Túria Park/Garden.

This metropolitan park recreates the original landscape of the Túria giving prominence to the water, whose course is presenting us the topography, vegetation, tours and the various equipment of the park.

Opened in July 2014, it provides the city and its metropolitan area a green space, which for its size and configuration, acts as a framework for conducting numerous activities.