In Stretch 7, the municipal garden center’s woodland was located, and part of it is maintained currently. The vegetation is varied, from fruit trees such as bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) to typical gardening trees as jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) rosewood (Tipuanatipu) brachyquitum (Kurrajong), sausage (Chorisiaspeciosa), Judas tree (Cercissiliquastrum), silky oak (Grevillearobusta); besides woods of Canarian pine (Pinuscanariensis), palm (Chamaeropshumilis) and date palms (Phoenix dactylifera).

A diagonal made of palms connects the lines of sight between two monumental buildings: St. Pius V Fine Arts Museum, National Museum of Painting, and the Monastery of the Temple, a conventual complex reused as the Civil Government’s seat retaining the church.

In Stretch 8 there are plantations from public Arbor Day campaigns. In its route we discover a landscape fruit of randomness of plant layout with winding paths for walking. Among the most common tree vegetation, we have broad-leaf privets (Ligustrum lucidum), black poplars (Populus nigra), chorisiasetc. and herbaceous vegetation carpeting the floor.

Monumentos del Jardín del Túria

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There is an area landscaped in a way that allows installation of booths for various craft fairs held there in Stretch 9. Flower and shade trees represented by large size species as ficus tree (Ficus macrophylla) ,silky oaks, rosewoods … and numerous shrubs provide aroma and color creating calm hideouts between areas of passage and fair activity . The rest of the stretch is allocated to playgrounds, emphasizing an area intended for housing the facilities for the many activities developed in them, highlighting the fireworks often fired upon them.


The Stretch 7, whose scenery is characterized by clumps of flowering and shade trees; randomly arranged as a result of having kept part of the municipal garden center’s woodland, located there previously, begins at the Trinity Bridge.

The Stretch 8, just as the 6, is the result of public Arbor Daycampaigns. The central path is symbolically preserved as a reference to the ancient passage of the water.

The Stretch 9 is a meeting place used for multiple festive activities over the year. The Bridge of the Flowersmarks out the area of a new stretch.